Several concepts come to mind when thinking about liminality: uncertainty, as well as openness, potential, and the state of becoming, between-ness, transition, neutrality. The state of Neither-Nor (or Either-Or, quantitatively holding the same value and relevance in opposition). The Liminal surrounds us; it is the periphery of every moment of our existence, the behind-the-scenes of our reality; it makes no judgments and no assertions; it constitutes our everyday mundane poetry. It is simply there. In the liminal state, the boundaries and factors dissolve, bringing to the attention the low-key overlooked moments.

In Paperscapes, a series of photographs of pieces of paper on white paper, I would like to bring the viewer’s attention to the discrepancy between reality and artifice. Employing the ideas of trompe-l’oil, I am interested in the threshold between the real and the false, and the moment at which the two become interchangeable. These photographs and drawings are of ordinary, commonplace, and familiar objects, bringing the viewer’s attention to the neutrality of a piece of paper, as well as its potential.